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  • Have you ever had a psychedelic experience that made you feel unsafe?

  • Have you ever doubted the validity of a mystical/supernatural experience?

  • Have you ever taken a substance without being aware of its origin?


Due to lack of access and awareness of entheogen education, there are many who end up having transcendent experiences at recreational events without knowing the actual source and purpose of the substance.

Without a protective container and integrity with the medicine, these experiences can be dangerous and traumatizing when approached carelessly. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to know what medicine would be the most resonant with your calling and how to trust the competency of those serving you.

It’s common to come out of a plant medicine ceremony feeling tempted to judge or doubt the precarious nature of the intelligence received, and easily fall back to old patterns of limiting beliefs.

“What should I expect from this Ceremonial Webinar?”


  • Receive an angelic blessings and energy cleanse
  • Create your healing journey mission statement 
  • Plan a safe experience for your medicine journey
  • Develop ability to self-moderate your psychedelic experience
  • Transmute addictive behavior into sovereign power
  • Transform unhealthy habits into permanent changes for a thriving lifestyle
  • Expand mental endurance in order to embrace personal breakthroughs
  • Reimagine the idea of “bad tripping”
  • Expand your network of fellow healers in training
  • Get a glimpse into an authentic ceremony with Lua

Aluna Lua


“My mission is to be a bridge between the spiritual realms and for ALL who are calling in wholeness into their life journey.” - AlunaLua


Lua is from Brazil and has been in the psychedelic community for eighteen years. She visited multiple indigenous tribes across the Americas and has been a student of different plant medicine cultures for the last twelve years. Since 2016, she has been working with The Zendo Project, which is the onsite harm reduction service for psychedelic experiences at Burning Man.

Lua is a dedicated lightworker, fully devoted to serving the community as an entheogen educator, lifestyle artist and master of ceremony.

She offers a range of personal development programs that can align your body, awaken your mind and activate your spirit along the path of ascension.  

Lua designs her own unique path to a healing lifestyle with Divine Connection and deep conviction to disciplines developed by practices that combine body detoxification, conscious dieting and lucid dreaming with entheogenic etiquette. Furthermore, she embodies her message in and through a professional expression of multidimensional art sharing her angelic voice and sacred dance.

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