A 10-day warrior training for detoxifying the body, strengthening the mind and aligning your path with your highest potential.



Hello humble warrior,


I’m so honored to provide you the sacred space you’ve been praying for to rediscover your body from a spiritual perspective and give yourself the best health tune-up ever. 

We stand for body detoxification and clean eating as foundational keys to health and wellbeing and we are so excited to guide you through this sacred work in prayer, integrity and community. 

If you are feeling called to reset your body, mind and spirit and align your habits with your highest potential this journey will be a gate way for a new lifestyle and perspective of your health.

This is a spiritual warrior-training for you to release what no longer serves you, build mental strength to face the challenges of life with more ease and clear your path for a more connected, expansive and blissful life.

We honor Amazonian sacred medicines and rituals as allies for ascension and facilitate the space with integrity, respect and mutual reciprocity with the indigenous tribes.

Welcome to the Body Bliss life, we can't wait to get you ready to show up for your soul mission in your best version.



This program consists of:

  • 3 in-person Kambo medicine ceremonies
  • 10-day Body Bliss Cleanse Virtual Program
  • Integration call with Lua
  • Community Forum Support


You can choose to do the Kambo Treatment in person for the first 3 days of the initiation or complete the program entirely online with the Body Bliss Cleanse.



We offer the traditional initiation of three Kambo sessions in a row, recommended by our indigenous teachers so that you can take the opportunity to go deep into the work with the medicine and truly shift your frequency to a higher vibration.

The 10-day Body Bliss Cleanse will integrate the medicine treatment with a home-based cleanse to flush the kidneys, colon and liver, so that you can release the most amount of toxins possible during the 10 days. 

You will also become your own raw vegan fusion chef and will learn our incredible menu exquisite plant-based recipes for you to learn how to maintain the lifestyle on your own and completely transform your relationship with food.

The program is so fun and full of classes and self-care practices that will guide you through the most blissful and educational rebirth experience you've ever had and spend the year feeling alive, clear and strong


  • Feel a sense of rebirth and new beginning.
  • Properly prepare yourself for plant medicine work.
  • Boost your immune system to increase vitality and stamina.
  • Improve issues related to digestion, parasites, candida, allergies, diabetes, fertility and lymphatic system.
  • Release trauma, fear and “panema” (stagnant energy, depression, anxiety, laziness, weakness, disharmony within.)
  • Gain mental and spiritual clarity, focus and strength.
  • Recover from drug addiction and pharmaceuticals.
  • Detach from cravings of sugar, bread, animal products and processed foods.



In-person Kambo Ceremonies

  • Dates: we offer this initiation twice a year.
  • Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
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10-Day Body Bliss Cleanse 

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Amazonian eye drop used by the indigenous tribes to heal any issues related to the physical eye.

It supports the decalcification of the pineal gland, opening doors for divine wisdom and clairvoyance.

It brings a sense of peace, clarity and relaxation of the vision and activates dream work. 

Click here to learn more about Sananga 



Amazonian tobacco snuff blend that opens the communication with the astral realms and protects the aura field.

Traditionally used for strengthen the mind, purify the body and prayer.

It brings a sense of grounding, presence and release.

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Amazonian frog venom Phyllomedusa bicolor, also known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog and The Vaccine of The Forest.

Used traditionally as treatment for sicknesses of all kinds and energy blockages.

The traditional treatment of three sessions of Kambo within a moon cycle can completely transform the functionality of body and strengthen the human immune system for about one year

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Aluna Lua

Multidimensional Artist, Entheogenic Guide & Mentor.


I had my first Kambo session when I was 19 years old and my life completely changed after that


It has supported me to release my traumas, addiction to drugs and poor eating and build strength within myself to face my fears.


I dove deep into years of profound initiations with different indigenous tribes and plant medicine communities around South America and have completely devoted my life to the path of ascension.


I was trained as a Kambo practitioner by the Huni Kuin tribe of the Brazilian Amazon in 2012 and dedicate my work to supporting others to see their health journey from a spiritual perspective.


Over time, I realized that people in modern society fall back into old habits quickly for lack of discipline and supportive resources.


In 2020, I developed the Body Bliss Cleanse and aggregated all of my best hacks, cleanses, research and recipes into an online community program that transformed the way people see a detox protocol.


My mission is to contribute to the collective work of entheogenic healing so that the community can properly prepare and integrate their transformational experiences with intention and integrity towards the medicines, traditions and the good of all beings.

The Kambo Body Bliss has supported hundreds of people to embody the values of warrior training, community support and prayer and has brought safety, strength and ascension to their lives.

I’m happy to have you here and I’m looking forward to sharing sacred space with you so soon.

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