The Golden Wisdom of Cannabis
- Online Retreat Course

Activate your divine creativity through a devotional relationship with Cannabis 

Dear Soul, 


🌿 If you’re ready to unlock your creativity and embody your passions in the world… 🌿


🌿 If you’re seeking more intention and ritual in your life, but you don’t know where to start... 🌿


🌿 If you’re ready to embrace plant medicines as your spirit allies on your ascension path... 🌿


🌿 If you’re looking for a safe community that lives in pure service of the Light… 🌿


🌿 If you’ve been receiving signs that the Universe wants you to expand, speak your truth and make art… 🌿

The Wisdom of the Divine Mother is calling you.

She never left you and waits for you to remember your connection with her.


As you heal your relationship with Cannabis, you heal your relationship with the Divine Mother Spirit that lives in you and all of us and open space for the infinite potential of creation, happiness and beauty in your life.


As you trust the ancient codes of Cannabis, you unlock your codes to understanding reality - stepping into your unique spiritual powers and divine service in this world.

Unlock your codes

Are you ready to trust your creative flow and live in harmony with Marijuana as a plant teacher?



Does this sound like you?

🌿 You sometimes use Cannabis as an escape from life


🌿 You feel frustrated with your reality, unsatisfied with the world, or like you’re uninspired by living in a system that does not truly honor the Earth and your highest potential


🌿 You feel called to balance your relationship with Cannabis and free yourself from doubt, shame, and guilt


🌿 You have felt fear or paranoia in past experiences with the plant, which caused you to believe that  “this is not your medicine”.


🌿 You smoke and overeat more than you’d like to admit — sometimes feel lazy, low energy, anxiety or depression


🌿 You trust in the sacredness of plant medicines and feel called to develop ritual with integrity

Allow the medicine from the Golden Wisdom of Cannabis to flow forth into your heart and bring you all the healing you desire.

Imagine if you could embody the medicinal properties of Cannabis to…


🌿 Unlock abundance through your creativity and self-expression

🌿 Feel inspired, guided and empowered to step into your divine service

🌿 Bring more fun, positivity and pleasure to your relationship with yourself and others and take the world less seriously

🌿 Feel more focused and motivated to dive deep into the practices you’ve been dreaming about

🌿 Experience self-initiated spiritual awakenings and activate your connection to the sacredness of life  

🌿 Integrate the wisdom from plant medicines into your dance, voice and creative gifts in a higher level.


Reshape your beliefs around Marijuana



🌿 Release the negative views that have disconnected you receiving Cannabis as a plant teacher.

🌿 Become aware of the collective and personal trauma associated with the Divine Mother Spirit & heal what is blocking you from thriving

🌿 Create a healthy relationship with this spirit ally that keeps you motivated, creative & abundant.

🌿 Activate your inner healer and learn how to take care of yourself with natural medicines

🌿 Transform your old habits into a ceremonial prayer that uplifts your soul and amplifies your communication with Spirit

🌿 Connect with a spiritual community that honors prayer & empowers your soul’s mission


You’re invited to join us for this communal prayer to set yourself up for miracles!


Liberate me

Here’s some of what to expect from this retreat course:


🌿 Cannabis Education & Traditional use 🌿

🌿 Ceremonial Smoking 🌿

🌿 Laughter Yoga 🌿

🌿 The hidden history of Cannabis 🌿

🌿 Plant medicine Decolonization 🌿

🌿 Cannabis Science & Medicinal Benefits 🌿

🌿 Cannabis Business & Unleashing Abundance 🌿

🌿 Medicine Song Circle 🌿

🌿 Collective Divine Mother Healing 🌿

🌿 Stepping into Sacred Service with your Creative Gifts 🌿

🌿 Ceremonial Dance Circle 🌿

🌿 Balancing the Sacred Feminine & Masculine with Tobacco Medicine 🌿


I'm ready for Cannabis Magic!

The Golden Wisdom of Cannabis


An online retreat to liberate your relationship to Cannabis, unlock your highest creative potential and receive divine healing through community.


July 11th & July 25th

Early Bird Passes Available NOW

Aluna Lua is an Artist, Plant Medicine Priestess, Entheogenic Guide & Teacher 


With thirteen years of experience with plant medicine cultures, Lua supports spiritual souls to bring their life and health into alignment and embody their spiritual power with ancient wisdom rituals. She facilitates in-person ceremonies, teaches online courses and performs as a multidimensional artist and designer of sacred space

With her Brazilian roots, Lua is a trusted advocate of the Brazilian indigenous people, a language interpreter and a connector of international plant medicine communities. Through visiting multiple indigenous tribes and plant medicine lineages, Lua holds deep integrity and reverence for these sacred traditions and supports the spread of their teachings to the modern world with sacred reciprocity. 

Lua supports spiritual folks to align their life to a path of ascension and to embody abundance through serving the Light. She guides and teaches transformational experiences through entheogenic healing, angel therapy, music, dance, body detoxification, plant-based eating, dreamwork and more. 

She is devoted to psychedelic integration work through community and inspires people to live life as a conscious sacred ritual.

Lua is an international performing artist, fusing her angelic voice and sacred dance to create interdimensional art for healing and expansion.

Guest Teachers


Lizzy Jeff

is the Empress of sensual expression and aphrodisiac infused curations. She's a Rap Priestess, community mentor and Queen CEO of Zen & Kush.

Ron Camacho

is a psychospiritual coach and psychedelic guide using cannabis specifically as a plant-medicine to assist in healing physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds.

Mariana Aroxa

is an actress, yogini & breathwork facilitator, in service of inner child healing and authentic expression through laughter yoga, healthy living & performance

Shereen Sun

is a sacred business coach and strategically supports people who are tired of the same old marketing tactics and want sustainable growth that feels aligned and authentic. 

Nathali Arostegui

is an RMT, space holder and medicine weaver who facilitates and teaches holistic leadership through a creative decolonial lens.

Nat Luz

is an international professional dancer & teacher for 12 years and supports movers to embody their sacredness through technique & ceremonial dance.

"Marijuana infuses the Wisdom of the Divine Mother Spirit through the story of the human experience." 


- Aluna Lua

What is included in The Golden Wisdom of Cannabis - Online Retreat Course? 


🌿 16 recorded classes intentionally designed to create a container that provides you a safe, sacred and guided Cannabis liberation journey in the comfort of your own home and timing.

🌿 40min integration private call with Lua

🌿 Path of Ascension Community Forum access


Course Access:

$149 Complete Course