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Hapé Medicine Masterclass


This class was created to directly support the Amazonian Huni Kuin Tribe in Brazil.


Rapé (also called hapé, hapeh, rapeh, and rapey) is a tobacco-based snuff used in South American shamanism. This ancient medicine is a mixture of powdered plants, usually containing some kind of tobacco and tree ash, which is blown into the nose of the receiver through a special pipe called a kuripe or tepi.

In Amazonian lore, tobacco is considered a Master Plant. It plays a central role in ceremonial work, and its spirit is invoked to purify, protect, and rid the receiver of negative energies, as well as to cleanse and prepare their mind for other powerful plant medicines such as ayahuasca.

To initiate those interested in working with hapé, Brazilian Plant Medicine Priestess Aluna Lua has created this very special 2-hour online Master Class on Hapé Medicine Facilitation.


Sign up for this Master Class and:

  • Be initiated into Divine Father Tobacco Wisdom, so that you can connect with this Master Plant Teacher whenever you need support.
  • Receive the Principles of Impeccable Tobacco Guardianship, so that you can administer hapé medicine safely and with the highest, healing energetic frequency.
  • Learn Different Hapé Administration Techniques to support different shamanic intentions.
  • Practice the Art of Self-Application & Serving Hapé to Others, so that they can appreciate the flavors and subtle energies of the medicine.
  • Get an introduction to Huni Kuin traditions and the terms used to describe their medicine practices.


About Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua is a Brazilian plant medicine priestess and trusted advocate of the Brazilian indigenous people. 

She is a dedicated lightworker, fully devoted to serving the community as an entheogen educator, lifestyle artist, and master of ceremony.

Lua has spent time with multiple indigenous tribes across the Americas and has been a student of different plant medicine cultures for the last twelve years. She embodies her messages and teachings in and through a professional expression of multidimensional art sharing her angelic voice and sacred dance.




There are no refunds, transfers, or cancellations. By registering for this commitment, you agree to these terms.