1. Become your own 
Raw Vegan Fusion Chef

2. Save money while eating higher-quality foods at home

3. Fall in love with clean
plant-based living

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The Body Bliss Meals are the menu from the 10-day Body Bliss Cleanse Program, a transformational guided detox and diet experience to help you become a clear Divine vessel.

Our menu and kitchen tips have been so inspirational that we decided to share them with you a 
game-changing training that will become fundamental to your new lifestyle. 

By using accessible organic, raw, plant-based and gluten-free ingredients, we show you how to prepare world-class food that is almost impossible to find even at the world’s best vegan restaurants, and at a fraction of the price.

The goal is to support you in releasing attachment from meat, dairy, sugar, and bread, and discover a passion for fresh living foods that you will love preparing for yourself and friends.



  • Are ready to get rid of cravings for sugar, junk food, and bread;
  • Know that you overspend eating at restaurants that leaves you unsatisfied;
  • Keep flip -flopping between different diets, and lack self-discipline to maintain your standards;
  • Feel unsatisfied with your body shape and are seeking long term solutions;

  • Desire to eat healthy and don’t have knowledge of holistic nutrition;

"I love the new relationship with food that I built, I can really see food as my medicine. Taj's cooking "pirate style" opened up so much playfulness and joy for me in the kitchen to have fun. I plan to continue this diet. I feel so wonderful and clear with my choices after this experience. I understand the way to feel better, to clean my body and to maintain a clear channel. I've received so many downloads, it was really transformational, I feel like I bloomed. I wish that for everyone."

Adrienne S.

I got the complete service. Taj delivered the meals to my house during my cleanse and he is just divine. I didn't know anything about plant-based foods and I was amazed by the service. He served me delicious meals, taught me how and why he made everything and also gave me a lot of tips to upgrade my kitchen and my diet. It was wonderful, I feel like I learned how to choose what's best for me, not only in food but in life in general. Lua and Taj are so wise and sweet, it is a privilege to have access to this.

Lili B.



Holiday season  traditionally leads to overeating, poorly combining food, and consuming alcohol or other harmful substances. 

With no thanks to The Standard American Diet (SAD Diet), we have accepted that these events usually come with weight gain, poor digestion, hangovers, and fatigue.

You can choose now to break this cycle and still enjoy traditional tasting without hurting your body and getting out of alignment.

You will learn tasty, light and nutritious alternative solutions to enjoy the holidays feeling energized, light, and slim.



  • Falling in love with a clean plant-based diet that serves your highest potential and fits your lifestyle;

  • Feeling light, satisfied and energized throughout the day;

  • Saving money while eating higher- quality meals at home;

  • Getting in shape without compromising pleasure;
  • Becoming your own high-class favorite chef and surprising your friends with 5-star meals:


Adapting to our diet long term will not only change your relationship with your body but also with the medicines you are working with.

If you are exploring the plant medicine path and are looking for the best way to prepare and integrate your body , this training will show you how to be self-reliable with your diet.

You will cultivate more strength and focus during your experiences and receive divine healing with a cleaner and clearer channel.

Our menu is easily modified to meet the dietary restrictions required for each medicine.

For information on entheogenic dietary restrictions, consult with Lua at: 
[email protected]



1. Seven "Body Bliss Meals" Master Classes

  • Expert training in the Royal chef's favorite recipes.
  • The "Body Bliss" formula to expand your health journey with confidence, creativity & pleasure.
  • Money saving hacks for quality and convenience.


2. Body Bliss e-book: 

  • "Body Bliss Meals" menu shopping list.
  • Kitchen hardware guide. 
  • Body Bliss secret ingredients guide. 


3. Exclusive Facebook Group Community:

  • More recipes, tips and resources to expand your knowledge.
  • Support, motivation & inspiration on your Path of Ascension
  • International entheogenic community network



  • Taj and Lua support spiritual souls to align their life and health while embodying their spiritual power.
  • Taj is an Arizona born world traveler and artist who has been in the food industry for the last nineteen years.

  • Taj is a raw vegan fusion chefkitchen consultant and provider of professional multimedia services.
  • Lua is an entheogenic priestess, Kambo medicine practitioner and passionate vegan for the last ten years.

  • Lua facilitates in-person ceremonies, teaches online courses and performs as a multidimensional artist and designer of sacred space.
  • Lua gave birth to the Body Bliss Cleanse in 2020 and together with Taj has introduced the Body Bliss lifestyle to hundreds of people around the world.

  • They are spiritual pillars and community builders and invite you to join this prayer of healing and expansion.


If you live in the Los Angeles area, we are now proudly offering the VIP Body Bliss Meal Plan.


This is an exclusive offering with limited participation that will provide you both convenience and high class service that you won’t find anywhere else.


You now have the privilege to be served by Royal Taj as your private chef and kitchen consultant for the course of a week.


Royal Taj will personally design and deliver each meal following your dietary specifications.


Our goal is to set you up for success to continue the Body Bliss journey on your own, feeling inspired, knowledgeable and confident. 

To see if this option is available for your location, email [email protected] with the Subject “Body Bliss Meal Plan”.

I'm ready to upgrade my kitchen and become my own favorite chef!

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We stand for minimizing consumption of all animal-based products like foods, clothing, cosmetics, and supplements, and support the businesses that offer plant-based alternatives of the same or higher quality.

We trust that supporting local farms helps reduce the impact of factory farms and the industrialization of our food system.

With the intention of creating a conscious-consumer world, we promote sustainable regenerative models which address aspects of the international environmental, economical, and ethical ecosystem.

Our vision is to do our part to shape a better future for humanity, promoting the harmony between the human mind and nature.

We have seen anger, stress, selfishness, depression and negative thoughts being dramatically decreased in your clients and community by adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Doing your best to serve the karmic liberation of all beings will support you in connecting with your greater purpose and divine service in this lifetime. 

You just got to try it for yourself. 



Have you ever considered that you might be allergic to dairy or gluten and not even know it?


Living foods are the primary way to receive vital life force directly from mother Earth, avoiding preservatives, hormones, harmful bacteria, and chemicals that are present in pre-packaged and processed foods.


A raw vegan diet can treat mucus, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and brain fog, as well as diabetes, weight control, and hormone disorders.


The more heat you use to cook, the more you degrade the natural nutrient content of it, but because we know how hard it is to eat exclusively cold foods throughout the whole year, we have low temperature cooking hacks for the days you might crave warm comforting foods.


You will learn cooking techniques that will not damage the nutritional integrity of the foods as much as traditional cooking methods like frying or microwaving.


The fusion of clean, raw and minimally cooked foods will blow your mind with flavor and leave you never missing the old ways.


This course will show you how to eat less in volume and extract more nutritional content, resulting in a faster digestion, higher vitality and quality of life.


We will teach you how to be extremely satisfied, energized, and slim, with one meal a day, accompanied by yummy healthy snacks as needed.

I'm ready to upgrade my diet and fall in love with plant-based eating!

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