Embody Plant Medicine Wisdom

 & live life as a Ceremony


6-month Online Mystery School

 for Healers & Artists



  • Are not as consistent with your spiritual practices as you wish to be and you are ready to embody your rituals as a lifestyle.

  • Have been having powerful experiences with plant medicine and are ready to dive deep into what this path has waiting for you.

  • See yourself as lost and fearful and are ready to receive divine support to feel grounded, safe and guided from within.
  • Hold shame, guilt and judgment on how you are seen by others and are ready to live in your truth, intuition and power.
  • Seek to release fear, stress, and poor habits that no longer serve you and step up to your highest potential of health, peace and purpose.
  • Feel confused about your life’s work but know that art, creativity and community are fundamentals for your happiness and wellbeing.
  • Feel anxious about embracing a path of healing and service to God and are ready to open yourself to magic and miracles.


  • Weekly Group Ceremony Calls
  • Private Coaching 
  • Guest Experts & Training
  • Online Content Library
  • Exclusive Community Forum
  • 1 In-Person Group Ceremony


Entheogenic Integration focused on the sacred medicines of Tobacco, Cannabis & Psilocybin.




  • The love of God in your body, heart, mind so that you can be a pure vessel for divine wisdom and healing.
  • Alignment in your relationship with your diet, career and daily tasks with a holistic spiritual perspective.
  • An inspiring and supportive community to explore the plant medicine world with safety, integrity and ceremony.
  • A sacred sisterhood for devotional practices through creativity, sacred studies and initiations to grow together.
  • Entheogenic Facilitation Training to build skills as a healer, guardian and leader and join the plant medicine revolution. 
  • A new Identity where your prayer creates abundance, pleasure and wealth in your personal life and impact on others.
  • Magic, angels and plant allies to bless your journey with ease, grace and beauty.



Aluna Lua

Celestial Priestess

Multidimensional Artist, Entheogenic Guide & Teacher


With her Brazilian roots, Lua is a trusted advocate of the Brazilian indigenous people, a language interpreter and a connector of international plant medicine communities. 

Through visiting multiple indigenous tribes and plant medicine lineages in South America, Lua holds deep integrity and reverence for rituals & traditions and supports the spread of their teachings to the modern world with sacred reciprocity

Lua is an international performing artist, fusing her angelic voice and sacred dance to design interdimensional ceremonies for healing and expansion.

She founded the Ascension Academy in 2020 to support creative lightworkers with entheogenic integration through community, prayer and divine service.